Here’s a great way to end your monthly meeting on an informative, high-energy – and possibly profitable – note: Each member has 1 minute to introduce the group to a great new app, website, article, book, gadget, tip, concept, etc. that’s “new to them” within the last month. If your Forum so chooses, you can also make it a lottery, where each member adds a few dollars into the pot beforehand and then afterward the group holds a quick, blind vote to determine the best new item of the month. This means each of you walks out the door with a list of great beneficial items “new to you”, and one of you has a nice profit! and everyone is smiling.


For your next Forum retreat, consider completely unplugging all your electronic devices. This not only helps you avoid interruption and more easily focus on your group and your retreat purpose, but also lets you determine to what degree you are addicted to your technology. Your group can decide if one phone call per day is allowed to check in with your spouse. Otherwise, unplug it!