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The ForumSherpa Resource Center is fantastic and filled with so much valuable content for my Forum!
— Mark Sanna, EO South Florida Chapter

Welcome to The Resource Center!

If you're part of a Forum, a Mastermind group, or any type of small group that digs deep personally and professionally, the ForumSherpa Resource Center offers you tools to help your members grow and improve the value of your group experience.

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Forum exercises

Forum exercises are an invaluable tool to meet various needs of your Forum. A well-executed Exercise can achieve a variety of positive outcomes for you and your Forum.

Forum Exercise levels range from light/basic (Ice Breakers) to high-level/substantive (Building Depth). To best choose the Exercise that suits your Forum's agenda, pay close attention to the Overview, Objectives and Facilitator Info listed at the beginning of each Facilitator version of the Exercise.


Expertly navigate the peaks, valleys, and plateaus that inevitably occur in every Forum. ForumSherpa’s expert-level Guides are for any Forum or peer team that wants the highest value from their Forum experience. The Guide topics range from steps to getting started in a new Forum to successfully managing conflict in a seasoned Forum. These multi-page Guides are a comprehensive tool designed to move your Forum to the next level and beyond.

Topical Discussions

Topical Discussions documents guide your Forum Members through sharing their perspectives on topics of mutual interest. It is a process in which your Forum discusses personal experiences and viewpoints, allowing everyone to learn from one another. Ultimately, it raises the take-away value of Forum meetings.

Topics are divided into nine different categories and can focus on such varied topics as personal issues, money management or long-term goal setting. The 10 to 12 questions in each Topical Discussion are designed to launch your Forum into in-depth conversations.

Info Docs

Informational Documents is an invaluable source for both Moderators and Forum members. This section offers a variety of information regarding all facets of Forum functions, processes relating to Forum meetings, protocol, Norms and Constitutions, Monthly Update Forums, unique Forum experiences and much more.

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